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...And it works



Free Zumba Fitness Classes!!!!

Zumba Works is in their brand new 3,000 square foot facility, Studio 14 LLC, in Downtown Vero Beach’s Art and Antique District, in the charming Shoppes of Seminole Courtyard.

Boasting over 2,400 square feet of floating professional dance floor, there are mirrored walls, a Pilates Apparatus Studio, Massage Studios (new home of our Massage Practice), and a Nutrition Club.

We have a Bar/Lounge, with an Internet Café, Nutrition Club with healthy shakes and Thermogenic Tea, Treatment Rooms, and a 2.500 square foot courtyard for afternoon and evening functions.

The air throughout our Studio is purified, relative humidity under 50% and the temperature maintained at a dry 75 degrees with floor and ceiling fans.

Featured are Zumba Fitness and Mat Pilates classes throughout the week as well as Ballroom Dance. Our very own 5 hour SASCOM Systems Personal Defense Class, are offered weekly and monthly.

Therapeutic, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Swedish Massage are offered Monday through Saturday.

The nutrition Club features Herbalife and Greens Plus products, and offers the complete line of Senegence Skin and Cosmetics Products.

Also, the newest line from Forever Green International, called PowerStrips (an FDA Class I Medical Device) can be checked out at DeFeatPain.fgxpress.com and at CheckOutTheStrips.com


Scott & Sandra

If you are currently happy with your weight, your level of fitness, the effects of stress in your life and your circle of friends, then stop reading now and pass this link on to someone you feel may benefit from it. But if you aren’t happy, read on about Zumba Fitness in Vero Beach, Fl. ...

Persisting in your current behaviors week after week, month after month, year after year, expecting or hoping for different results, is a definition of insanity. Do you want to know why your current exercise program isn’t obtaining your goals? No matter how you candy coat it, it’s because it’s just an exercise program. It’s work - not fun. You dread it plain and simple

Zumba …….It's fun, It's different, It's easy, and It’s effective!

Have you ever wondered at a party, how some people can dance for hours, laughing, having a great time and not seem tired? (Hint – it’s not the rum runners)

If you want to be one of those people, why not join us for the next Zumba Fitness Party at Studio 14, Our Brand New 3,000 square foot Studio located at 1962 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL, 32960. You’ll meet a bunch of like minded people, some of them your neighbors, some a little crazy, but none of them insane!

What have you got to lose, except being too over weight, unhappy or unfit to have a good time?

Who should come? Everyone!

A word about Zumba Fitness and ZumbaWorks - So you don’t have to

Zumba Works is a phenomenal group of experienced Zumba Fitness Certified Instructors from the Treasure Coast area of Florida. They shared some common frustrations in trying to keep clients interested, motivated, and on track with their fitness and weight loss goals.

A workout is a workout, is a workout, no matter how you dress it up. The same can be said about an exercise program. ZumbaWorks has 14 Zumba Fitness Certified Instructors with four more in training. You can check out their profiles at www.zumba.com. They are Certified in Basics I, Basics II, Toning, Zumba Kids, Zumba Kids Junior, Sentao, Zumba Step, Zumba-in-the-Circuit and Aqua. We always have TWO to SEVEN Instructors at every Zumba Fitness Class and 48 Zumba Fitness classes a week to choose from, so those new to Zumba Fitness come up to speed quickly.

You can’t imagine the impact multiple instructors have on the energy, excitement, and dynamics of a Zumba Fitness class.